Extraordinary Mission

Fēifán rènwù
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Police officer Lin Kai is assigned to be an undercover in a drug cartel by his supervisor Li Jianguo. As he gradually penetrates into the “Twin Eagles” drug cartel, he discovers that the big boss, Eagle, is connected to a crime case investigated by Li ten years ago. Li was then an undercover. In order to gain Eagle’s trust, Lin is forced to become a drug addict. Fighting against the drug addiction was hard enough, he must not lose his focus on locating Eagle’s drug production base. In the process, Lin finds out that Eagle had seized Li’s work partner, Ning Zhi, for ten years just waiting for the day he could take the revenge. Li has to save Ning even it might cost his life. It is not only about fighting the drug dealers now, it is an extraordinary mission!



When you watch a movie, you do it for entertainment or just for fun, when you're on a date or just simply one's outing out of boredom. Well, this movie is more than that.

I watched this movie with my son & friends after the Parent Teacher Meeting last week, and this movie was like telling me something! I was like "Wow! This is exactly the remedy that I need. Entertainment plus encouragement!" What a movie!

Po is as charming as ever with his cute & humorous persona! Met with his biological father while contemplating to find his inner chi, he has to face a forsaken foe from the past!

The movie is able to captive audiences from all ages without jeopardize the safety zone for the kids. Easy to digest, entertaining & it has lotsa good 'moral of the stories' which we can relate to our daily life. Thumbs up for that!

I give it 5 popcorn for this movie.
Highly recommended for all ages.

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