Go Lala Go 2

Dù lā lā zhuī hūn jì
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Stepping into her thirties, Du Lala is a driven and capable white-collar at DB. She is assigned to assist ‘Devil Maggie’ from her company’s New York HQ to negotiate for a merger with fashion label – SC. Just before the negotiation with SC, Maggie got into an accident, which forces Lala to stand in to front the negotiation meeting with SC team. Her brilliant speech impresses SC’s general manager Chen Feng. Lala has been dating Wang Wei, his photographer boyfriend for a few years now, but the latter is not ready for marriage. When Wang finally summoned enough courage to propose, he finds out about Lala’s “dubious” rapport with Chen Feng.

Meanwhile Lala’s young assistant is very interested in Wang Wei and engages him for SC’s latest campaign. The project gathers Lala, Chen Feng and Wang Wei, creating awkward moments for the trio. Chen Feng falls for Lala and proposes during a celebration party… Lala is torn, will she say yes to Chen Feng or reconcile with Wang Wei…